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1995-07-27-Blink 182-Live @ SOMA-San Diego, CA, USA        1 mp3 file
1995-10-27-Blink 182-Live @ The Engine Room-Fort Worth, TX, USA
1996-03-11-Blink 182-Live @ Sno-Jam Tour '96-Le Spectrum-Montreal, CAN
1996-03-18-Blink 182-Live @ The Wreck Room-Atlanta, GA, USA
1997-07-27-Blink 182-Live @ Warped Tour '97-RFK Stadium-Washington DC, USA
1997-08-01-Blink 182-Live @ Warped Tour '97-Jacksonville Agriculture Fairgrounds-Jacksonville, FL, USA   (Not FULL)
1997-08-02-Blink 182-Live @ Warped Tour '97-Pompano Beach Amphitheatre Grounds-Miami, FL, USA
1997-08-03-Blink 182-Live @ Warped Tour '97-Tsunami Complex-Orlando, FL, USA
1997-08-04-Blink 182-Live @ Warped Tour '97-Club La Vela Complex-Panama City, FL, USA
1997-08-05-Blink 182-Live @ Warped Tour '97-Lakewood Fairgrounds-Atlanta, GA, USA      (don't have 1 song)
1997-09-06-Blink 182-Live @ Uranus Tour '97-Orange Pavillion-San Bernadino, CA, USA
1997-10-01-Blink 182-Live @ Uranus Tour '97-Universal Buzz Radio - Water Street Music Hall-Rochester, NY, USA  (don't have 1 song)
1997-11-26-Blink 182-Live @ UCI Bren Events Center-Irvine, CA, USA
1997-11-30-Blink 182-Live @ St. Andrews Hall-Detroit, MI, USA
1997-12-05-Blink 182-Live @ KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas-Universal Amphitheatre-Los Angeles, CA, USA  (Version 1)
1997-12-05-Blink 182-Live @ KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas-Universal Amphitheatre-Los Angeles, CA, USA  (Version 2)
1998-04-03-Blink 182-Live @ The Crystal Mountain Ski Resort-Crystal Mountain, WA, USA
1998-05-08-Blink 182-Live @ Greek Theater Riverside - (Bakersfield, Berkeley) CA, USA          1 mp3 file
1998-06-29-Blink 182-Live @ The Wireless-JJJ Radio, Sydney, Australia
1998-10-09-Blink 182-Live @ US Tour (2nd Leg)-House of Blues-Lake Buena Vista, FL, USA
1998-10-10-Blink 182-Live @ US Tour (2nd Leg)-Button South-Hallendale, FL, USA
1998-12-11-Blink 182-Live @ KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas '98-Shrine Auditorium-Los Angeles, CA, USA
1999-05-30-Blink 182-Live @ WBCN River Rave-Tweeter Center-Mansfield, MA, USA  (Censored)
1999-06-11-Blink 182-Live @ K-Rock Disfunctional Family Picnic 3 - Jones Beach Amphitheatre-Wantagh, NY, USA
1999-07-14-Blink 182-Live @ Warped Tour '99-The World Music Theatre-Chicago, IL, USA
1999-07-15-Blink 182-Live @ Warped Tour '99-The Flats at Nautica-Cleveland, OH, USA
1999-07-16-Blink 182-Live @ Warped Tour '99-Randall's Island-New York, NY, USA
1999-09-14-Blink 182-Live @ The Borderline-London, UK
1999-09-30-Blink 182-Live @ Highbury Garage-London, UK
1999-10-21-Blink 182-Live @ Famous Stars And Straps Opening-Riverside, CA, USA
1999-11-16-Blink 182-Live @ Loserkids Tour '99-Electric Factory-Philadelphia, PA, USA
1999-11-30-Blink 182-Live @ Camden Electric Ballroom-London, UK  (don't have 1 song)
1999-12-02-Blink 182-Live @ Transmusicales de Rennes-Paris, FRA
1999-12-11-Blink 182-Live @ KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas '99-Arrowhead Pond-Anaheim, CA, USA   (don't have 2 songs)
2000-01-26-Blink 182-Live @ Big Day Out '00-Homebush Bay's RAS Showgrounds-Sydney, AUS
2000-05-25-Blink 182-Live @ The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show Tour-E-Center-Camden, NJ, USA    (Not Full)
2000-06-07-Blink 182-Live @ The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show Tour-Pittsburgh Civic Arena-Pittsburgh, PA, USA
2000-06-09-Blink 182-Live @ The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show Tour-Pine Knob Music Amphitheatre-Clarkston, MI, USA
2000-09-02-Blink 182-Live @ Rock AM See Festival '00-Konstanz, GER
2000-12-31-Blink 182-Live @ New Years Eve-Cox Arena-San Diego, CA, USA
2001-06-23-Blink 182-Live @ KROQ Weenie Roast '01-Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre-Irvine, CA, USA
2001-07-11-Blink 182-Live @ Take Off Your Pants And Jacket Tour-Blossom Music Center-Cuyahoga Falls, OH, USA
2002-06-15-Blink 182-Live @ Pop Disaster Tour '02-Tweeter Center-Chicago, IL, USA
2002-06-16-Blink 182-Live @ Pop Disaster Tour '02-Marcus Amphitheatre-Milwaukee, WI, USA
2003-08-02-Blink 182-Live @ Summer Sonic Festival '03-Chiba Marine Stadium-Tokyo, JAP
2003-08-22-Blink 182-Live @ Reading Festival '03-Reading, UK
2003-08-23-Blink 182-Live @ Leeds Festival '03-Braham Park-Leeds, UK            1 mp3 file   BAD QUALITY
2003-12-02-Blink 182-Live @ Dolla Bill Tour '03-Phoenix Concert Theatre-Toronto, ONT, CAN
2003-12-11-Blink 182-Live @ KWOD Twisted Christmas-Arco Arena-Sacramento, CA, USA
2003-12-14-Blink 182-Live @ KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas-Universal Amphitheatre-Los Angeles, CA, USA
2004-02-06-Blink 182-Live @ Top of The Pops-London, Wembley Arena, London, UK
2004-02-08-Blink 182-Live @ European Tour '04-Braehead Arena-Glasgow, Scotland, UK
2004-02-11-Blink 182-Live @ European Tour '04-Hammersmith Apollo-Wembley, London, UK (Version 2)
2004-05-01-Blink 182-Live @ North American Tour '04-Coors Amphitheatre (Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre) -Denver, CO, USA  (incomplete)
2004-05-07-Blink 182-Live @ North American Tour '04-Hi-Fi Buys Amphitheatre-Atlanta, GA, USA
2004-05-08-Blink 182-Live @ North American Tour '04-TD Waterhouse Center-Orlando, FL, USA
2004-05-09-Blink 182-Live @ North American Tour '04-Sound Advice Amphitheatre-West Palm Beach, FL, USA
2004-05-21-Blink 182-Live @ North American Tour '04-DTE Energy Center-Detroit, MI, USA
2004-08-23-Blink 182-Live @ Zepp-Tokyo, JAP
2004-08-24-Blink 182-Live @ Zepp-Tokyo, JAP    (incomplete)
2004-11-30-Blink 182-Live @ European Tour '04 (2nd Leg)-National Exhibition Centre-Birmingham, UK     (Bad Quaity)
2004-12-01-Blink 182-Live @ European Tour '04 (2nd Leg)-Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre-Glasgow, UK
2004-12-02-Blink 182-Live @ European Tour '04 (2nd Leg)-Metro Radio Arena-Newcastle, UK
2004-12-06-Blink 182-Live @ European Tour '04 (2nd Leg)-Wembly Arena-London, UK
2004-12-10-Blink 182-Live @ European Tour '04 (2nd Leg)-Le Bercy-Paris, FRA
2004-12-16-Blink 182-Live @ European Tour '04 (2nd Leg)-The Point Theatre-Dublin, IRE, UK

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